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An InteractFA subscription offers unlimited use of the Index Matrix app
plus two 36" x 24" posters (US total stock market and US Small Value stocks).

The Index Matrix App

A visually-powerful, interactive app covering 23 US equity and fixed-income indexes.

Designed to communicate stock market history and behavioral risk in more unique and powerful ways, the Index Matrix App helps you align client objectives with reasonable, long-term investment expectations.

The interactive tool helps you visually convey principles around stock market risk, return, and time horizon to your current and prospective clients.

Matrix Posters

Unique investing images to help you tell stories and enforce core investing principles.

These powerful images help clients focus on the long-term wealth-growing power of financial markets, avoid destructive market timing behavior, and understand asset class risk in ways they’ve never experienced before.

Each are presented in 36″ x 24″ wall posters.

Advisor Forum


Share your thoughts about the Index Matrix app, the posters and handouts, client experiences with these tools, or any topics relating to long-term investing in general and asset class investing in particular.


Empower your clients to become more confident investors.

Deliver a tech-driven experience

An alternative to long PowerPoint decks, these tools helps client better understand (and even enjoy) learning about the markets.

Provide essential pieces for essential messages

Don’t waste time searching through investment material to illustrate key concepts. Offer the lessons you need with the click of a button.

Focus on principles you can apply to many client questions

Diversification is critical, patience is rewarded, market timing is destructive. You can actually show these principles in action with the Index Matrix App, posters, and handouts.

Benefit from over 90 years of stock market history

Our tool’s heat map visualization helps financial advisors direct their clients’ focus away from solely numbers to more meaningful, long-term trends.

Train your advisory team

Market history isn’t typically taught in Certified Financial Planner™ courses. Use our app to prep next-gen advisors for client interactions.

Mitigate clients’ market anxiety

It’s not enough to tell your clients “this has happened before.” With InteractFA, you can actually show them.

Get unlimited access to the Index Matrix App plus two powerful Investment Posters and participate in the Advisor Forum.

Only $295/year (per user)*

*Volume discounts available on request.